Magnificent beauty of nature

 Magnificent Beauty of Nature

Magnificent beauty of nature

Day 1: Ashgabat
Today you will be met by the loņal guide at the Ashgabat International Airport. Your tour begins of exploring the Horse-farm for observing the pride of the Turkmen people - Akhal-Teke horses. After will be traditional tea break, you will have a chance to have short Akhal-Teke horse show program and can see the races of horses. You will come back to Ashgabat. The tour will end with evening city tour - you will go to main tourists' attraction. Overnight is at a cozy hotel. 


Day 2: Ashgabat - Darwaza
You will visit "Seyitjemaleddin" Mosque after the breakfast in the morning. You will come back to Ashgabat city. In course of your tour you will move to the North of Turkmenistan after lunch 15:00, you will have an opportunity to observe way of life of Turkmen people in village named "Bahardok" and go to the Gas Crater - Darvaza that is situated to the North of Ashgabat, make a stop in a small nomadic village and in the evening, to see the breathtaking and wonderful view of the gas crater. Night will be at the tent.

Day 3: Darwaza - Ashgabat
In the morning after breakfast, you will return to Ashgabat. After lunch explore"Old Nisa"-The Sanctuary of Parhian Kings (UNESCO site),  don't miss a chance to visit  "Gypjak" Mosque and Mausoleumof the late President of Turkmenistan. In course of your tour you will visit the State Museum of History. It keeps ancient artifacts found at the excavations of the habitations Nisa, Merv and Gonurdepe, rare examples of national clothing, collection of vintage Turkmen carpets, jewelries, and antique weapons. The 9 halls demonstrate statuettes of Athens, Eros, silver gilded griffin, gold jewelries, horn-shaped ivory vessels-rhytons of the Parthian era, medallions-stamps from Margiana and Buddhist artifacts. There are also you can observe a lot of petrified piece of wood of the Paleozoic period, aged 270,000,000, dinosaurs' footprints, an 820-kg meteorite fallen in Kunya-Urgench in 1998 and a lot more.

Day 4: Ashgabat - Kov Ata - Ashgabat - Turkmenbashi
Today after breakfast, hotel check out and transfer to Ashgabat.. On the tour you will visit Kow-Ata. The Turkmen name Kow-Ata has meaning "Father of caves". At first look, this subterranean territory appears like a majestic auditorium: the overall length of the cave is 230 m, its height reaches 20 m, and its breadth is at some points 57 m. The foot of the cave is protected with lumps of melted limestone (stalagmites), and its gushing and warm water is lucid and emerald colored. On the tour after lunch return to Ashgabat or Gokdepe rail station to have a transfer train to Turkmenbashi. Night will be in a train. 

Day 5: Turkmenbashi - Yaginkala - Avaza
After breakfast transfer to Turkmenbashi then directly head on to Yangykala. Interesting fact that the word "yangikala" is interpreted from Turkmen as "fire fortresses". Actually, the sheer rocks of yellow, white, ocher, purple and red colors, fancily carved by winds and rains, they seem like stone castles from fantastic films. During sunset you feast your eyes with the charming view of canyons, when everything is tinctured in a red-hot color.  In the evening exploring "Gozli Ata" pilgrimage place. Then in the end of your tour go to visit town Avaza. Overnoght is at the lovely hotel. 

Day 6: Avaza - Turkmenbashi - Asgabat 
Today after breakfast, you will check out of the hotel. After on your tour you can relax on the shore of the Caspian Sea and then transfer to Turkmenbashi airport. You will have flight to Ashgabat. In the evening you will arrive to Ashgabat. Night will be spent in a hotel. 

Day 7: Flight
In the morning transfer to Ashgabat International airport. This is the end of your trip.