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Be prepared to explore as much as Turkmenistan can offer during these amazing tours.

We have interesting Turkmenistan tours for you. Despite the fact that Turkmenistan is uncovered destination, people are very friendly toward tourists. It is better to travel in spring or autumn; in summer, it is hard to enjoy outdoor sites. The best way to explore Turkmenistan is merging it with other Central Asian countries. However, even you want to travel only to Turkmenistan, we will to our best to make your tour enjoyable and unforgettable. It will be the most popular sites accompanied remote areas to see the real local life.

The most famous and fascinating site of Turkmenistan is Darwaza Gas Crater. It is the must be part of tours. This fantastic burning hole accidentally made in Karakhum desert. In 1971, when the geologist were carving they unintentionally drilled earth where there was underground gas. All the equipment and transport fallen down into the hole, people thought to burn and believed that gas will burned out. Nevertheless, time passes it did not stop. Nowadays Darwaza turned into popular touristic destination in Turkmenistan.

The architectural sites of capital city Ashgabat is one of the extraordinary monuments in Central Asia. It is known as the most beautiful city with many marble-faced building. Along with recent architecture, Ashgabat boasts with historical places. Another outstanding place to visit is famous horse farms of Akhal Teke horse. These graceful horses are pride of Turkmen people. Furthermore, the Nissa capital of Parthia is important historical monument of Turkmenistan. Cities like Mary, Merv and Kunya Urgench are remains of ancient civilization. Merv was one of the trading centers during the Silk Road. The nature of Turkmenistan represented by mysterious underground Lake Kow Ata and unusual canyon of Yangikala. Kow Ata is located in Nokhur cave.

Turkmenistan tours offer diverse of activities to discover hidden sites of country. We invite you to come and explore!

Gas crater tour
Places to visit:
Ashgabat - Darwaza - Kune Urgench
Brief info: If you have limited time resource, this tour is for you, including major site in few days. You will start your journey to the most glorious marble city in the world. The capital city Ashgabat offers beautiful architectural and cultural sites. You will combine graceful city with natural Darwaza gas creator, where you will spend a night in a tent and enjoy the stars. For more details read the tour...

Gas crater tour, Turkmenistan tours.

Gas crater tour extension
Places to visit: Ashgabat - Darwaza - Kune Urgench - Shavat border
Brief info: During this tou you will have plenty of time to explore Ashgabat and traverse natural Gas Grater Darwaza through the Karakum desert. Burning flames around, night sky full of the starts will be the best memorable part of your journey. Later you will go on your trip to Uzbekistan troght the nearest border. For more details read the tour...
Gas crater tour extension, Turkmenistan tours.

Turkmenistan highlights tour
Places to visit: Ashgabat - Darwaza - Kune Urgench
Brief info: This tour will help you to explore the major places of Turkmenistan in a short time period. During these two days, you will enjoy city sightseeing, including marble buildings, rich museums and parks. Moreover, you will visit burning Gas Crater Darwaza. For more details read the tour...
Turkmenistan highlights tour, Turkmenistan tours.

Ashgabat Adventures
Places to visit:
Brief info: This three day trip will mostly center around Ashgabat. You will see the national pride - horses, a lot of artifacts and of course the beautiful architecture (modern and ancient). You will have a possibility to have a peek at the closed country and learn a lot about its culture, history and etc. For more details read the tour...

Ashgabat Adventures, Turkmenistan tours