The Great Pamir tour

The Great Pamir tour, Tajikistan tours.

The Great Pamir tour
Duration: 7 days / 6 nights
Places to visit: Dushanbe - Norak - Kalai Khum - Khorog - Dushanbe

Day 1: Dushanbe
After arrival, your guide at the airport will welcome you and you will start your travelling in Tajikistan. Today is a day of exploring city of Dushanbe, the capital city of Tajikistan. Most enjoyable city tour will start from visiting Rudake Park, National library, White House and other state buildings like National State Seal, and House of Parliament. After the excursion to architectural monuments, continue to the largest national flag in the world. It boasts with 165m high pole, 30m width and 60 m length. Following the photo stop at the flagpole, you will have extended excursion in the Central Museum. After lunch, Gurminji Museum will take you to the land of traditional musical instruments. Later visiting the Asian Bazaar will make you to feel the real life of local people. Fast-moving bazar full of juicy fruits, fresh vegetables, colorful fabrics and other interesting items. The first day you will learn more about the city life of Tajik people. Overnight in a hotel.

Day 2: Dushanbe - Norak - Kalai Khum
After breakfast, you will start your tour to rural areas of the country, to Kalai Khum village, one of the famous villages in Tajikistan. Enroute you bypass the huge water reservoir known as a Tajik Sea. Today's high point will be Shurba pass reaching 2,267 meters, while driving along the Afghanistan borders. Here starts the famous Pamir Mountains, which will charm with its greatness. Its unbelievable beauty impressed the greatest world explorer and researchers like Marco Polo, Hsuan Tsang, Mirza Muhammad Haidar. Then driving along the border following the River of Pyanj. These fantastic mountains system often associated with ocean of white and blue mountains. Night will be in a home stay-grat opportunity to learn about the life of local people.

Day 3: Kalai Khum - Khorog
Today we will travel to Khorog. Khorog is the smallest city in Tajikistan occupied with mountains from the all sides. Khorog is located on the crossroads of three river, where Shokhdara river and Ghund river join to Pyanj river. On the route to Khorog, you will stop to greet Pamir people, who considerably differs from Tajik people. Most of the Pamiris are with blonde hair, light skin and blue eyes. By the way, Pamir Mountains are second highest populated area after the Himalayas in Tibet. Therefore, the mountain life of the local people make them different from Tajik people, both culturally and traditionally. Overnight in a guesthouse.

Day 4: Khorog
In the morning, first you will visit the Botanical Garden. Due to the big rivers nearby, the town surrounded by lots of gardens. To the east of the city, on the altitude of 2320m, it is located well-kept Pamir Botanical Garden. Lavish garden grows unusual plants all over the world. The main activity of the garden to acclimatize plants into the local climate conditions. Later, we will enjoy the city park and get lost in local handicraft shops, museum. In addition, the liveliest local bazar will have a lot to see, friendly local farmers, bargaining of buyers and the smell of fresh buttery bread. For sure, you will have many colorful photos of locals, maybe with locals. Night in a guesthouse.

Day 5: Khorog - Kalai Khum
After breakfast, your tour will go back to Kalai Khum, taking the same way. Due to the high rocky mountains around, there is only one road goes through. In addition to the glorious beauty of the Pamir, travelling to these areas offers to find out more about the developing of history, culture and life style of the mountain habitants. Observing them, gives an idea of how the history of the human beings advanced to the modern world. En route, possible to take a break in a small village to meet friendly local people and listen to their story of life. Most of the settlements are on the two sides of the river, just on the other side you will be able to see Afghan villages. You will spend a night in a homestay.

Day 6: Kalai Khum - Dushanbe
Today you will enjoy the extreme mountain road to Dushanbe, which is part of many tours in Tajikistan. On this way along the wide and silvery river valley and spectacular gorges, you will have many photo stops to capture the virgin beauty of the terrain. En route it is possible to meet local people friendly waving to you. Tajik people are warm-hearted, hardworking and generous from the nature. They are very faithful to their traditions and customs. Night in a hotel.

Day 7: Flight
Do not forget to pack all your bright memories from the trips and meet your driver to drive to the airport.