Great territory of Tajikistan

 Great territory of Tajikistan

Great territory of Tajikistan
Places to visit: Murgab, Bulunkul Lake, Yashil Kul Lake, Yamg 


Day 1: Kyrgyz border - Karakul Lake - Murgab
Your driver will pick you up at the border and drive to Murgab. Your trip will go through mountains and high passes. You will enjoy of driving over Taldik pass, which is 3615 meters high and boasts fascinating views.  The light-blue lake of Karakul (3, 815 m), the name of which can be interpreted as "The Black Lake" has position right on the highway of the Pamir Tract. In the course of your tour you will know that Karakul is the highest large mountain lake of the world, eliminate those in Tibet and Titicaca. Don't miss a chance to take wonderful photos of the lake when we will head on to Murgab. You can hear here how Pamirs says that: "to arrive here and do not see Murgab is like not visiting the Pamirs at all". It is considered that Murgab is the Roof  of the World. On your trip you will pass over the highest Ak Baital pass (4 655 m). Visitors of this place often compare the landscape of Murghab with the surface of the Moon, and this views are really incredible. Night is in a guesthouse.

Day 2: Murgab - Yashil Kul Lake - Bulunkul Lake
In Tajikistan the most amazing and beautiful lakes are Yashil Kul and Bulunkul (Blue lakes), extended on the altitude of 3 700 meters above sea level, are located in the Murghab district. You will have a great chance to spend the night neat. Colour of water in Bulunkul is mixing of violet and dark-blue in the sunlight. Plenty kinds of fish are found in the lake. Yaks  large animals living in mountain district. Yaks traditionally used as a beast of burden apart from giving meat products and milk, there you will have an opportunity to observe, a unique species of domestic animals, sharing features of cow and sheep. You will go over Naizatash pass (4 137 m) on the trip to the lake. Dinner and night will be in a homestay.

Day 3: Bulunkul - Yamg
We will transfer in the morning to Yamg. In the course of the tour you will go over Khargush pass (4 344 m). The almost not available the rocky mountains of this corner of the world and landscape have given safe haven to rare varieties of wild nature. The fauna is very rich with such kinds as Turkestan rat, fox, grizzly bear, tiger-cat, badger, stoat, grey and red wolves. Pamir's people have a large and prospering population of Marco Polo sheep, the largest sheep in the Earth, with all year round and a sturdy population of the highly endangered snow leopard. Delicious dinner is in a restaurant. Night will be in a hospitable homestay.

Day 4: Yamg - Khorog 
In the morning we will head on along Tajik-Afgan border to Khorog. Khorog is located in the heart of Asia; the Pamirs are a corner of sky-scraping, snow-capped, large valleys, transparent clear blue waters of lakes and rivers, magnificent mountains and dry deserts. For centuries, people gave the name to the highest mountains in the world as "the Roof of the World". On your tour you will understand why. The territory of Pamirs is situated at elevations from 3 500 to 4 200 meters above sea level. Ancient ethnic and traditional values of Pamir people exist probably in Pamir of one the few areas in Central Asia. Through the ages, as there were impassable mountain ridges people have been torn off from each other and consequently enclaves with various dialects, and sometimes even distinctive other languages began to develop. In the end of the tour dinner is in a restaurant. Overnight in a cozy guesthouse.

Day 5: Khorog - Kalai Khum 
In the morning driver accompany you to Kalai Khum village. There are high rocky mountains over 6 000 meters and only 1 road was possible to be construct in this land. Don't miss a chance to explore new information about rich history and way life of mountain inhabitants, also you will know more about the ethnography, and with this fantasize how the history of people developed as in the story of creation. Going through the Pamirs, the tourists have the great occasion to feast their eyes of the beauty of virgin surroundings. On the tour we will do a stop in small villages to speak with local people and to see their way of life. Villages are based on both sides of the river in narrow mountain valleys. You can observe Afgan stony villages and gardens across the river. You will spend the night in a home stay.

Day 6: Kalai Khum - Norak - Dushanbe
You start your tour with driving to Dushanbe in the morning. We will end drive along Afghanistan border today. The highest top of today's tour is Shuraba pass (2 267 m). This part will fascinate you by its extraordinary mountains - it is area of Pamir Mountains. The world's glorious explorers - Mirza Muhammad Haidar, Marco Polo, Hsuan Tsang were drawn by, over the time. And you have a great opportunity now to enjoy of the nature here. You are expected by a trip along natural border - Pyanj River the Pamirs. Tourists who were  in the Pamirs gave a name this huge mountain system the ocean of blue and white mountains. You will view Norak water basin that is called Tajik Sea. Night is spent in a hotel. 

Day 7: Dushanbe 
You are expected by full day city tour with a guide. We will see the most prominent places House of parliament, National library, Rudake Park, White House, and National state seal. On the route we will stroll in National park to take pictures of Ministry of Inner Affairs and the biggest National Flag in the world - 165 m high pole, 30 m wide, 60 m long. You will have nice lunch after walking in Central Museum. Gurminj Museum of traditional musical instruments you will explore on the way. Asian bazar is usually great place to visit and to feel way of life of townspeople. There are you can take colorful photos and buy some kind of souvenirs, goods, fruits and vegetables. It is very interesting to learn a lot for yourself about Tajik life and to see  the main highlights of Dushanbe. Night will be in a hotel.

Day 8: Flight
In the morning is transfer to the airport.