Tajikistan dream tours

Tajikistan is the land of celestial mountains and beautiful alpine lakes. The highlight of most tours in Tajikistan is legendary Pamir Mountains. It is obvious that Tajik people call them as "the roof of the World. Travel through Tajikistan is not only discovering nature, it is full of cultural knowledge about mountain inhabitants of Pamir. We offer wide range of different tours for everybody, you can choose classical tour or out of beaten track expeditions.

Almost all of the tours starts from capital city Dushanbe. The capital city offers interesting sightseeing before you adventure in Pamir. You can have D-tour from Dushanbe or continue further to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan instead of coming back to Dushanbe.

The famous Pamir Highway is the most significant part of the tour. It usually begins from Osh, the southern city of Kyrgyzstan and completed in Dushanbe. The total length of Pamir tract is 1, 325 km long. The exciting way goes through majestic mountains and along the Afghanistan border. The highest point of the trip will be Ak Baital Pass reaching the 4, 655 meters above the sea level. On the way, stops will be at the most remote and authentic towns and village. They are Murgab, Langar, Yamchun and Khorog. Kalai Khum and Wakhi settlemenst have interesting culture and history. Due to the high mountain terrain people in this area could preserve century ago traditions originally. You can also choose the tours including the most beautiful lakes of Tajikistan. For instance, Iskanderkul, Seven Lakes, Norak reservoir, which is famous as Tajik Sea due to its size. Moreover, you can travel to historical places like Khujand, Penjakent, Istaravshan and explore the ruins of Hissor fortress.

Tours to Tajikistan id the merge of amazing landscape and interesting history of local people. If you are still thinking from where to start your holidays, travel to Pamir!

The Great Pamir tour
Places to visit:
Dushanbe - Kalai Khum - Khorog
Brief info: The famous Pamir Mountains are the high spot in Tajikistan. In English Pamir means "the roof of the world", the name perfectly fits its celestial peaks reaching 7,000 meters. During this tour, you will travel to Dushanbe, small authentic village Kalai-Kum, and go through the fantastic scenery of popular Pamir town in Khorog and get to know the rich culture and history of the people. This trip is attractive for the lovers of wild nature and cultural diversity of the country. For more details read the tour...

The Great Pamir tour, Tajikistan tours.

Short introduction to Pamir
Places to visit:
Dushanbe - Norak - Kalai Khum - Khorog - Khoburobot pass
Brief info: You want to visit Pamir Mountains, but have limited time, then this tour is specially for you. This trip will take you to the main sites of outstanding Pamir Highway. Starting to Dushanbe's popular places, you will continue to Kalai Khum and Khorog, where the majestic mountains and silvery rivers will welcome you. For more details read the tour...
Short introduction to Pamir, Tajikistan tours.

Four-days tour in Tajikistan
Places to visit:
Dushanbe, Norak, Kalai-Khum, Khoburobot pass
Brief info: This quick tour to Pamir will take to the main sightseeing in Dushanbe and authentic Kalai Khum village. Kalai Khum is a territorial center of Darvaz District in famous Gorno-Badakhshan region. It is the second major settlement on Pamir Highway after the capital. For more details read the tour...
Four-days tour in Tajikistan, Tajikistan tours.