Russia tours

Russia tours, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

Day 1: St. Petersburg city tour
Our people are happy to meet you in Pulkovo International Airport for the transference to the center of St. Petersburg. It is going to be the trip along main visiting the attractions such as Ostrovsky Square, Vladimirsky Avenue, Vosstaniya Square and Mikhailovskaya and Bolshaya Konyushennaya streets. Having the stroll along these sites we get to see the Palace Square, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Summer Garden and Troitskaya Square, with the night being made to the hotel.

Day 2: St. Petersburg - Kiryavalahti
Kiryavalahti village is visited by you today and it is identified as the most scenic place of Russia, being based in the north of the country. Here there are many stories which can be told for the information of the "Finnish era" of Sortavala can be perceived. Then the trip is offered to the rock fort, being at the Priozersk town. This is known to be taken at the Vuoksa River island, where valley of waterfalls is found. At the same time the visiting of Kirch Lumivaar is made and it is the old Finnish church. You have night in the hotel.

Day 3: Kiryavalahti - Petrozavodsk
We have morning to start early in the morning and get to the Ladoga Skerries. Here comes the course along the mountain park Ruskeala and the White Bridges Waterfall. Being here make photos for the charming sites to be in your memory. Then the country is seen as the full of villages, with one being famous for the Kinerma one. It also got the meaning of "The most beautiful village". We arrive for Petrozavodsk, for the night being spent in the hotel.

Day 4: Petrozavodsk - Medvezhyegorsk
Medvezhyegorsk is our aim of the day and it can be reached with passing of the Marcial water resort along the old Murmansk highway, and then we find ourselves at the reserve being the first one at this territory and the land itself. Also the most famous waterfall is based here and we are going to view it, the Kivach waterfall and original flora and fauna. We have lunch and then get to the ancient volcano Girvas and the panorama of the Palozerskaya hydroelectric power station, after which we organize night in the hotel.

Day 5: Medvezhyegorsk - Zaonezhie - Kizhi Island - Medvezhyegorsk
Your morning begins with the tour to Zaonezhie, where the old chapel is based. Getting to Kosmozero village, it can be seen to be based at the village lake, being placed on the south of Zaonezhsky peninsula. Later on, the trip is made to the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (Khram Svyatitelya Nikolaya Chudotvortsa), from where the Kizhi island is visited. It is going to be an important destination as all is based at the assembly of wooden constructions. Along the Shungite deposit we arrive for Medvezhyegorsk, for the local hotel there.

Day 6: Medvezhyegorsk - Gimoly
Be the guest of Gimoly village which is seen as the olden location of historical meaning. Lunch is taken by the guests on the shore of the lake for then being taken to Lake Pizanets, where the views are still great and unforgettable. It is a famous site of the Karelian taiga, being extremely unique and important here. Night is offered being taken in the hotel of Gimoly village. 

Day 7: Gimoly - Vegarus
Be sure to save the photos of the sites of Russia, as then we arrive for the Vegarus village. It is known to be a small town, being taken into consideration at the Loimolsky rural settlement of the Suoyarvsky district. At the same time it is an extremely significant location of the Republic of Karelia. Next the route to Votovaara mountain is made, and all can make sure of it being the mystic destination. Many new-comers as well as scientists come here for more new details. Rest is taken in Porosozero village but then we arrive for the Vegarus village, where night is organized in the hotel.

Day 8: Vegarus - Gardarika
Gardarika is one of the most guarded locations of the country, being clear and ecological at the same time. Today it is a wide spread region of Karelia. Today we can take the drive of 60km from Sortavala, for getting to the meteorite lake Yanisyarvi. This is a unique lake not also because of being a meteorite one, but also of the territory being covered with the pine forest. As the way is taken, we pass the Mount Hiidenvuori, translated as Leshego Mountain from the Finnish. And night is organized at the hotel-club Gardarika.

Day 9: Gardarika - St. Petersburg
For now there is a need to get to St. Petersburg back, for being the guest and main visitor of the museum of the rock garden. As the route is taken, we take 30 minutes from Gardarika hotel, for getting to the Puikkola village. This is the village of the Kaalam settlement. And the settlement itself is based at the Sortavala region with the population of 500 people. Night is taken in the hotel of the second capital of the country.

Day 10: St. Petersburg - Peterhof - St. Petersburg
As our team is professional, we have organized the destination of the tour program with the Peterhof area, as it is seen as one of the most scenic and charming ones. Being here shows the chance to get the view of the architecture of the French Versailles style and the greatness of fountains of the Upper and Lower Parks, with paying greater attention to "Samson". But then the trip is made to the main palaces of Russia, the Great Peterhof Palace and the Monplaisir Palace. For the last one, it is known to be an important and strategic site here, as there is an observation deck from where the view of the Gulf of Finland is taken. As then the journey is made to St. Petersburg, we arrive for the Cruiser "Aurora" and the Strelka V.O. cape, being based on the east of Vasilievsky Island. As we are in the city already, there is an opportunity to take photos and just capture the view of the Bronze Horseman monument, St. Isaac's Cathedral as well as Gostiny Dvor (Guests' Court). Hotel is offered being spent by guests this night as well.

Day 11: St. Petersburg - Airport
Morning is aimed at the route to airport.