Kyrgyzstan scientists

In Russian, Chinese information about the peoples of Central Asia gathered in the work of a monk Iakinfa (Bichurina) "Collection of information on peoples in Central Asia in ancient times" (1851), recounted to the X century.; Continuation of this work was to serve as a work of V. P. Vassiliev, "History and Antiquities eastern part of Central Asia X to the XIII century" (1857). 

The first time a monument of the Chinese official historiography are the "Historical Notes" (Chi Chi), Sima Qian, the "father of history in China," finished his work in 99 BC At this time, the Chinese northern neighbors were the Huns (Hiung-nu), created the first known in the history of Central Asia, a vast nomadic empire, the Chinese themselves are usually alike in the Hun with the people of Turkish origin, European scientists until recently, mostly Turks, the Huns were also considered, although this is now expert on the Chinese news about Central Asia, as a professor. Pelliot (Pelliot), tend to revert to the old theory of mongolism Huns. According to Sima Qian, the Huns in the north, by the way, subdued the kingdom Gegun (in transcriptional de Groot Kik-k'un), apparently in 201 BC As the Chinese themselves, and bring together European scientists that the transcription of the other, is used for transmission of speech Kirghiz, so that the news of the events of 201 BC should be recognized as the first time news of the Kirghiz.