Kyrgyzstan leader

A few more, though still very small geographic data can be found in the "History of the senior Han" (206 BC - 25 AD), author of Ban Gu died in '92 BC . In the story about the events of the second half of I c. BC Kyrgyz referred as gyangun (at Chavannes Kien koen, in de Groot Kin-k'un). One of the reigning House of Representatives of the Huns moved west into the country next door to the possessions of the people Usun, of which the author often speaks in other places, as the western neighbors and enemies of the Huns. Location is determined by the country Usuns them fairly accurately, its center was located in an area south of Lake Issyk-Kul, in the west it is bordered on the Ferghana, on the east contained a terrain east of Lake Ebi Nor, and west of the city Shiho. Upon learning of the approach of the Huns, Usuns sent against them a detachment of 8,000 men; this squad was defeated by the Huns - obviously not in possession Usuns, but further to the east. Defeating Usuns Huns went to the north, against the people of UGE, and from there to the west, against the people gyangun, thence to the north, against the people Dinlin, having won all of these "three kingdoms" Huns often sent troops to Usuns and always scored victories over them. The leader of the Huns lived some time in the country Gyangun, then made an alliance with the western neighbors Usuns kangyuytsami (Kangüy, have Chavannes K'ang-kiu, in de Groot K'ang-ki), possession of which reached the area to the north- west of Fergana. The Huns have accepted the invitation kangyuytsev go to their country, on the way there have suffered great losses (only 3,000 escaped the troops), but there they were able to establish a mighty kingdom, and win a great victory over Usuns. This is the kingdom in 36 BC was destroyed by an army sent by the Chinese to the west, and himself the leader, the Huns, the founder of the kingdom, was executed.