Kyrgyzstan history

Publication of the essay on the history of the Kyrgyz people have long conceived of the Scientific Commission, which existed previously in the Department of Education of the Kyrgyz Autonomous Oblast. The main motivation for this edition served as the increased self-determination after the Kyrgyz people interested in self-knowledge, for knowledge, particularly in its history. 

In addition, the Commission took into account scientific and the fact that in our scientific literature, no systematic work on the history of the Kyrgyz people, one of the most ancient peoples of Central Asia [1] is in such demand for labor Turkology and a large number of people interested in the Soviet East , it is quite obvious. 

Kyrgyz (Kirghiz) are among the most ancient peoples of Central Asia. Of the people living in Central Asia at the present time, there is, apparently, no one whose name would occur so early in history. 
Almost all of our information about the fate of the eastern part of Central Asia in the pre-Mongol period, drawn from the works of Chinese official historiography, where the names of people and other proper names, personal and geographical, are passed, of course, in the transcription of Chinese characters. When translating Chinese texts of the Russian scientists usually guided pronunciation characters in modern Beijing dialect, West - the literary Chinese, or so-called "Mandarin" language, some Sinologists in addition tried to establish on the basis of linguistic data, as they were spoken, or other characters at the time to which the monument, and in this connection is sometimes solved the problem of ethnographic origins referred to the Chinese people.