Kyrgyzstan capital

About Gyangun stated further that she was there in 7000 (if - then 1/3 mile) west of the capital of the Huns (on the Orkhon or Tole), and in 5000 Is to the north of the area or Cheshi Huss, ie from the area in the eastern part of Chinese Turkestan, where now the city of Turpan. We will see later that the Muslim geographers also describes the way to the north of the country on the Yenisei Kirghiz, from an area near Turfan. If these distances are close to the Chinese reality, it is possible that the Kyrgyz were living not only on the Yenisei River, and south, in the area where the lake now Kyr-Hop (normal or nur in Mongolian - 'Lake'), as I know, there is no information about when and why the lake got its name. In any case, the course of events shows that the country is located east of the country Gyangun Usuns and that only by chance an oversight in the story of the movement of the Huns from country to country Gyangun Kangyuy Usun no mention, of course, that the Huns suffered in this way the loss was caused by his Usuns . Ban Gu omission misled wrote in the III. BC Yu Huang, author of the history of the Wei dynasty, and he puts the country close to Gyangun Kangyuy country, moreover, to the north-west of it. It puts the country dinlinov north of the country kangyuytsev and then says, falling into a clear contradiction with himself, that the country was Gyangun midway between the other two "kingdoms." These errors were misled by de Groot.