Wild beauties of enchanting Kazakhstan

Wild Beauties of Enchanting Kazakhstan

Wild beauties of enchanting Kazakhstan
Places to visit: Almaty - Altyn Emel - Charyn Canyon

Day 1: Almaty - Tamgaly - Altyn Emel
Today on arrival your driver will pick you up at the airport and you will begin exploring the wonderful south of Kazakhstan. We will head in Altyn Emel investigating all delights of national park, on road we will stop in Tamgaly Tas. We will walk to man-made Kapshagai water reservoir, which is the biggest in Almaty region, on its bank it has the casinos of "Kazakh Las-Vegas". After you will go to Tamgaly Tas, it will be the first sights point on the bank of Ili river. Tamgaly Tas - the distinctive monument which keeps texts in Tibetan, Kalmyk and other languages, and also is unique that represents an appearance of the Buddha. Then you will spend some interesting hours on the way to village Basshi which is situated in territory of Altyn Emel National Park and also you will have a magnificent possibility to pass excursion to the Singing Dune. The height reaches 150 metres, and the length approximately 3 km, and is situated in one of corners of National park Altyn-Emel. Fine clean sand of this sandy hill reminds a sound of music of organ when starts to "sing" in windy weather. Further you will have a hiking up to the 150-meter dune, you will come back to Basshi village and have a night in a lovely local hotel.

Day 2: Altyn Emel
In the morning your tour starts from driving on unpaved park way over 80 km (approx. 2 hours) to the Aktau Mountains. Worldwide paleontological field are Aktau Mountains (White Mountains). Mountains are known first of all, picturesque, rare  in beauty landscapes. Lake deposits have been found in layers of Paleogene well conserved rests of the ancient animals which age is estimated in 25-30 million years. There are the remains crocodiles, the giant rhinos, turtles among the finds. These huge conic mountains represent the Egyptian pyramids and are a magic and mysterious scene of a variety of forms and colours. Listening to stories of the guide about inhabitants of ancient ocean and walking on the Martian landscape does not demand from you anything especial, it is necessary to be simply attentive to a soft sandy surface and to show some imagination. After exploring at Aktau mountains, you will come back to spend the night in Basshi village.

Day 3: Altyn Emel - Charyn - Almaty  

Transfer to Ash-tree Orchard on the Temerlik River. There is a wonderful place in the lower reaches of the Charyn River and its affluent of Temirlik , where are growing relict species of Sogdian Ash-tree. There is a legend where is told that, so-called to "the Valley of Yurtas" still 5 million years ago the wind has carried away a winged seed of Ash-tree Sogdian. The Ash-tree Grove has been given the position of the monument of nature in 1964. In a grove are fenced four tree of approximately identical age. It some kind of a museum on air.. Driving to Charyn Canyon. On arrival, you will inspire by picturesque view of the grand panorama and go down the stairs to the downwards of the canyon, then hiking around 2 km through the labyrinth of the Castles Valley with its hanging over you walls of freakish forms. Charyn Canyon is a natural complex, rare place in its kind not only in Kazakhstan but also world famous place. It was originated during Paleogene and resembles the Grand Canyon of Colorado River in North America, although subordinate to it in size. You will have a chance to have a walk among columns and the strange towers, and you also will be surprised by the savage imagination of the nature. Transfer to Almaty and night in a cozy hotel.

Day 4: Flight
Transfer to Almaty International airport.