Kazakhstan long tour


Kazakhstan long tour, Kazakhstan tours.
Kazakhstan long tour
Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
Places to visit: Almaty - Kolsai Lakes - Kaindy Lake - Charyn Canyon - Almaty

Day 1: Almaty
After arrival guide will accompany you to Almaty city, the biggest city of Kazakhstan. Almaty is culturally and historically rich and as the same time fast-growing modern city in Central Asia. Explore starting from Green Bazaar, where polite and kind sellers offer to taste their juicy fruits. Later you will continue your tour to the central park -Panfilov Park. In the center of the park, you will come across the most fascinating wooden building of Zenkov Orthodox Cathedral. This colorful monument of late 19th century will charm you with its beauty. Following the cultural and business areas of the city, we will drive up to Medeo Gorge and Shymbulak Ski Resort. There is an outdoor skating rink Medeo, which is considered to be the highest in all over the world. Later you will go on to the Kok-tobe hill. It opens panoramic view to all parts of the city. In the top of the hill there are TV tower (believed to be the highest above the see level in the world), several interesting monuments including monument to legendary Beatles, and many small boutiques with national souvenirs. On the way back, you will enjoy riding down on the cable car to the city. Stay at the hotel.

Day 2: Almaty - Kolsai Lakes
After transfer to Kolsai lake, you will start your hiking tour to the second Kolsai lake, located above the first one. These sister lakes known as a "Pearls of the Northern Tien Shan and consist of cascade of tree beautiful lakes and are considered the most beautiful in Kazakhstan. The altitude drop between lakes are about 700m and walking distance few kilometers. The first lake is easily accessible by everyone; these lakes are very popular among any kind of nature lovers. Hiking, collecting berries and mushrooms, fishing special kind of mountain trout or just find you cozy spot and look for Marals, mountain goats, bears wandering on the top of the mountains. Overnight in the guesthouse in Saty village.

Day 3: Kolsai Lakes - Kaindy Lake
After breakfast, your tour will continue to the Kaindy Gorge. Kaindy is translated as a Birch from Kazakh language and many travellers visit this lake. The lake Kaindy located on the top of the gorge among the evergreen fir trees at the altitude of 2000m. The history of the birch lake goes back to the earthquake in 1911. Due to cascading during the earthquake, the natural dam blocked mountain water flowing down and make turquoise lake on the port of the forest. Even in the hot summer days, the water of the lake is extremely cold, making needles of flooded trees well preserved. The dried-out trunks of the trees rise above the surface of the water, looking like the masts of sunken ships. When the sun is out the snow-peaked mountains and spruce are mirrored in the water. This charming scenery cannot be fully described by words; you will see on your own and remember it in your heart. Later you will enjoy the picnic with the view of the lake. Came back to the Saty settlement and take a walk to see the village life. It is possible to request a horse riding around the village (for extra charge). Night in a guesthouse.

Day 4: Kolsai Lakes - Charyn Canyon - Almaty
Today we will travel to famous Charyn canyons, known as little brother of Grand Canyons in Colorado and included in most tours in Kazakhstan. It will take about three hours' drive to the canyons. This fascinating monument of nature was formed about 12 million years ago by the erosion of water, wind and the sun. Magnificent sand rock formations reminds you ancient castles, giant nomadic warriors, in some parts you can imagine different magic creatures. If you will go down on the track to the river, you can see how the Valley of Castles is massive. Even without going down, you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view. On the way back to Almaty city, you will listen more about the nomadic culture and rich history of Kazakh people from the ancient time. Overnight in a hotel in Almaty.

Day 5: Flight
Today is the last day of your adventure in Kazakhstan. In the morning, transfer to airport.