Kazakhstan dream tours

Kazakhstan is a giant of Central Asia, covering most of the vast steppes and hosting famous Tien Shan Mountains in the south and east. Kazakhstan boasts with natural resources found in the wide steppes and semi-steppes making it richest country of the area. Huge territory of the country offers diverse tours for all type of traveler. Preternaturally beautiful lakes and gorges will be accompanied cultural and historical centers like Almaty and Nur Sultan. Every city has its own story and architectural masterpieces of ancient and modern time. The capital city Nur Sultan charm everyone with extraordinary buildings, green and mildly parks, rich museums. Not far from modern city, there is amazing natural site of Borovoye National Park. Borovoye full of small and beautiful lakes. It is the most popular destination close to Nur Sultan. The former capital Almaty located on one of the branches of Silk Road and has long history. Almaty is also fast growing and colorful city I the south. It lies on the foothills of high mountain range, which offer natural activities in short drive of the city. One of them Medeo gorge, where the highest alpine ice skating rink is situated. Winter sport is also popular in Shymbulak ski resort. Another fascinating spot is Big Almaty Lake, reflecting snow-capped mountains on its surface.

Moreover, Kazakhstan has historical places of ancient time. Surrounding of Shymkent hosts many architectural monuments of medieval ages. Turkestan and Otrar were the important stopping points of Great Silk Road. In the south of Kazakhstan travel to Natural parks like Altyn Emel and Tamgaly Tas. Here you will explore monument of nature and history. During Tamgaly Tas tour learn more about old drawings on the stones. One of the highlights of southern Kazakhstan is Charyn Canyon. The unusual formations fantastically alien.

Let us organize your tour within Kazakhstan. We will make your Kazakhstani adventure unforgettable!

Kazakhstan long tour
Places to visit:
Almaty - Kolsai Lakes - Kaindy Lake - Charyn canyons
Brief info: Do you love combine nature with adventure? Then this tour is matches your needs. Five days full of beautiful scenery and brilliantly turquoise lakes will me unforgettable experience in the southern Kazakhstan. Hiking to the famous Kolsai and Kaindy lakes enables you to relax in the nature. Very different Charyn canyons will surprise you with its majestic formations. For more details, read the tour...
Kazakhstan long tour, Kazakhstan tours.

Short travelling in Kazakhstan
Places to visit:
Almaty - Kaindy Lake - Charyn Canyons
Brief info: If you have limited time on Kazakhstan, you still have a great opportunity to capture the best sites of the country. This tour merges the nature with city life, during your trip you will explore historical and cultural sites of Almaty and traverse to charming Kaindy lake and magnificent Charyn Canyons. For more details, read the tour...
Short travelling in Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan tours.

Introduction to Kazakhstan tour
Places to visit:
Almaty - Charyn canyons
Brief info: During this trip you will be able to discover the cultural and historical center of southern Kazakhstan. Almaty city is rich in green parks, wide squares, interesting museums and monumental sculptures. In addition to the city expedition, you will traverse to the Charyn Canyon, known as a little brother of Great canyon in the US. Magnificent formations of canyon will take you to the fairyland. For more details, read the tour...
Introduction to Kazakhstan tour, Kazakhstan tours.

Charyn wonders

Places to visit: Almaty - Charyn Canyon - Almaty - Issyk - Nur-Sultan - Borovoe
Brief info: The following trip will take you along the most beautiful places of Kazakhstan. You will learn why the capital was moved from one city to another one. You will see several alkes and the beautiful scenery of the Central Asian landscapes in just some five days tour. For more details, read the tour...
Charyn wonders, Kazakhstan tours 

Beauty of capitals
Places to visit: Almaty - Nur-Sultan - Charyn Canyon - Kolsai Lakes - Borovoe
Brief info: Kazakhstan is country in Central Asia. It is big and an attractive country with beautiful nature. This tour represents all edges of Kazakhstan. On the tour you will see the beautiful fascinating  places of this amazing country. You will see modern business life in Nur-Sultan, cultural and historical places in Almaty. People admire of beauty of nature of Kazakhstan, inspire by Charyn Canyon and its walls and maze. Enjoy of travelling to Kaindy Lake, visiting Kolsai lakes, National park Burabai (Borovoe). This is what you will explore during this wonderful tour. For more details, read the tour...

Beauty of capitals, Kazakhstan Tours

Wild beauties of enchanting Kazakhstan
Places to visit: Almaty - Altyn Emel - Charyn Canyon
Bried info: Kazakhstan is wonderful and amazing country in Central Asia. Kazakhstan is greatness of mountain peaks, silent woods, mountain glaciers. The tour shows all beautiful parts of this country. On the tour you will explore different charming places in Kazakhstan. This is what you will explore during this interesting tour National Park Altyn Emel, which was based in 1996. On the territory of this park you can see different kinds of landscapes. Also you will visit the unique Charyn Canyon and incredible place Tamgaly Tas which is known about a century and half. For more details, read the tour...

Wild Beauties of Enchanting Kazakhstan

Historical and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan
Places to visit: Almaty - Altyn Emel - Charyn Canyon - Tamgaly
Brief info: Kazakhstan it is the developing country which area enters into ten the largest states. The country is the native land of nomad tribes which has the rich past connected with the Great Silk Way. Kazakhstan is popular place for tourism due to enormous rocky canyons, emerald lakes, and unique plant and animal life. A variety of landscapes causes presence of the rich nature.  On your tour you will see a modern life of Almaty (North capital of Kazakhstan), enjoy walking in National Park Altyn Emel and hiking in beautiful places of Charyn Canyon. That's what you will visit during this fascinating tour.  For more details, read the tour...

Historical and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan

Mesmerizing nature of Kazakhstan
Places to visit: Almaty - Tamaly - Altyn-Emel - Charyn Canyon
Brief info: Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia. Kazakhstan is famous for picturesque lakes; huge mountains and boundless steppe. The nature of Kazakhstan has created a unique landscape which involves not only native, but also foreign tourists. Among travellers are popular fine places such as Charyn  canyon, Almaty and Altyn Emel . In tour  you will see a lot of  interesting places, and will be amazed by the nature of Kazakhstan, and also its rich historical values. For more details, read the tour...

Mesmerising nature of Kazakhstan