Transportation is one of the factors that you need to pay attention to before travel, especially if it is a tour including cars for rent service. Now we will tell you about the modes of transport in Kyrgyzstan, namely here about railroad transportation. In Kyrgyzstan, there is such a railway company as "Kyrgyz Temir Zholy" or "Kyrgyz Railway". However, speaking of rail transport, we must warn our guests that not everyone has the chance to travel around the country by train during the tour, since the mountainous situation limits travel on the rails. But then there is our Bishkek car for rent service what will provide you with comfort and speed during the tour.

While travel around Kyrgyzstan, you need to know that the country's railway transportation passes through two main hours - northern and southern. For example, on Bishkek car for rent tour, if your route includes the Issyk Kul region, then you can get train tickets and go from Bishkek to Balykchy. This railroad then continues to the railway of Kazakhstan. Previously, for example, guests during their travel to the southern part of Kyrgyzstan used rail transport to further get to Uzbekistan by buying a ticket from Osh or Jalal Abad. Today such an idea is impossible. On the website of the railway company or, you can look at the timetable. Nevertheless, please remember before you go to travel to Kyrgyzstan that it is impossible to get to the appointed point by train in the shortest possible time, so it is better for tourists to use cars for rent.


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