Traditional clothes

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Welcome to Kyrgyzstan, dear travelers! Our team of Travel Experts respectfully invites you to join us on an extraordinary historical tour through Kyrgyzstan's nomadic civilization. Today, we'll show you how the Kyrgyz wear their traditional clothes. You can dress in Kyrgyz nomad style, learn about their culture and way of life, and see all of our country's sights. Rental car are also available, simply contact us. So, welcome to Kyrgyzstan for many adventures and discoveries.

The development of Kyrgyz traditional clothes has become significant. Our traditional clothes earned the respect of Kyrgyz and people of other nationalities. One of the aspects that our travelers and tourists, are interested in is traditional clothes. Today, Kyrgyz traditional clothing is used as a festive, ceremonial and theatrical costume. Clothes with national patterns are in fashion and are very popular .The fabric of Kyrgyz clothes symbolizes spirituality, and it has been and continues to be exclusive for over 700 years. The Kyrgyz people's traditional clothes are beginning to regain popularity. People started to dress according to the old beauty and comfort norms.

Many activities and events such as excursions, tours, fairs, and presentations of traditional Kyrgyz clothing are available. The team Travel Experts will rent a car for you and provide you highly experienced drivers and professional guides to accompany and organize your tour.

There are three main qualities that Kyrgyz clothing must possess: lightness and comfort, so that it is easy to move on a horse; durability, but made from readily available materials; and warmth, as it is worn in a high mountain climate. Kyrgyz clothing is made traditionally of wool, felt, leather, animal hide, and coarse fabric, with decorations based on tribal traditions and drawing from nature.

A man's traditional attire included "kandagay," "chalbar," and "jarq shym",  with a warm coat called "Ichik." This coat was made from the fur of various wild animals, such as foxes, wolves, and lynxes.  Traditional «Chokoy» and «Charyk» shoes, as well as «tebetey», «kalpak», and «malakai» - were common among men.

The favorite attire of women was a skirt called «beldemchi» and jacket «chyptama». Their hats were often covered with bird feathers. Different types of ornaments, pearls, and precious stones were elements of the traditional clothing of the peoples of Kyrgyzstan.