Being a member of our team, tourists will be able to discover a vast range of waterways, including over 40,000 on tours and rent a car in Kyrgyzstan. And today, you can rent a car to Kyrgyzstan and take a walk. In order to fly to any of the reservoirs, details on the country's natural sites must be investigated.

Some of the rivers were formed due to ice melting, some of them due to heavy precipitation. Although since they are at high altitudes, not all of the rivers can be accessed. Any of the rivers suit rafting, and we are pleased to plan a one-hour rafting tour for our company's guests in our turn. The Naryn River is essentially one of the longest, being 535km long. It is known for being old, separated into the Rivers of Big and Little Naryn. They coordinate the divisions at the same time as they go into the Toktogul Reservoir at Bashi and Kekemeren.

Notice that the Aral Sea is an example of how, because Uzbekistan has dried up its capital, it is not needed to do so. The Talas is the country's other major river and has been here since 751. The Chinese part of the population experienced attacks from the west during those days. In the north, the Chui runs along the floor, along the gorge of Boom. Then there's the Sary Jaz river. It can be seen by those who rent a car from Kyrgyzstan, and it can be seen as part of the Khan Tengri collection. In 2003, proposals for the building of the bridge were made, but they failed. In the west of the Tien Shan Mountains, the Chatkal River can be seen from the distant valleys of the region, taken up by 120km of the range, becoming the Chandalash Range.