The history of the development of traditions and rituals of the Kyrgyz people has come a long way of development and therefore travelers find the study of rituals through a tour with rent the car Bishkek service in Kyrgyzstan. We should inform travelers that our friendly managers, professional guides and experienced drivers will be happy to organize your tour of any complexity with a comfortable Kyrgyzstan rent cars. However, before tourists begin to travel around Kyrgyzstan, we decided to inform a little about the most important rituals of the Kyrgyz people. It should be noted that local rituals began to emerge from the time of the Turkic tribes and also rituals were based initially on the nomadic way of life.

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Having come to our country, travelers begin their tour with the cars for rent service and go to learn about local rituals, traditions, getting to know the residents. If we talk about the most significant rituals, then these are rituals performed during childbirth and engagement.

Let's start with childbirth. Childbirth itself is for local residents, that is, for the Kyrgyz it is a whole series of holidays: suiunchu, korunduk, beshik toi, tushoo kesuu. Suiunchu is the good news of the birth of a baby, by the way, the one who tells this news receives gifts, most often gifts are money. Korunduk is when the parents of the baby for the first time show the child to their relatives and friends and also receive money for this (any amount). Beshik toi is an official celebration of the birth of a child, when many guests are invited, many delicious traditional dishes are prepared and rituals such as burning juniper are performed. Tushoo kesuu is a celebration in honor of the first independent steps of a child, usually held when the child is one year old. Many guests with children are invited. Then the child's legs are tied and the children of the guests compete in running, and then the winner unties the child's legs. Such interesting rituals here in our state are performed during childbirth, rent a car Kyrgyzstan, travel and study them during the tour.

The engagement rituals are a bit modernized now. For example, now it is important for the Kyrgyz to hold a gorgeous wedding with a large number of guests in one of the famous restaurants in the country. And this, yes, is a big financial loss. Nevertheless, the traditional way of getting married is different, because it used to be "ala kachuu", this is stealing the bride. Any man could steal a girl as a bride. And unfortunately, according to Kyrgyz traditions, the bride had no right to leave the groom's house, even if they did not know each other. Fortunately, today "ala kachuu" is an illegal method that is punishable by law. However, the Kyrgyz have retained such a ceremony as "kyz uzatuu", that is, seeing off the bride, when relatives and friends say goodbye to the bride. Then the "nike kyiuu" ritual is when, in accordance with Muslim religious laws, marriage is legalized. Then the wedding comes. Travel on the tour with rent the car Bishkek service in Kyrgyzstan and find out what other interesting rituals are performed by the Kyrgyz people.