Acquaintance with a new territory involves the discovery of a new place. Now we will give you a short review so that you can discover Kyrgyzstan. A lot of tours can now be booked from different travel companies, but you should first learn about their principles of work.

It is clear that such travel companies have existed for a long time, and of course, their function is very important for tourists. They can make your travel task easier because the experts already know all the details of how to travel, how to enter and leave the country.

Our company does the same job. We offer tours with a large selection of Kyrgyzstan rent a car option. Our travel company is ready to organize various tours, and they all differ in terms of complexity, details and the sites that will be visited.

Let's explain a little about the choice among our cars for rent. For our mountainous terrain, it is better to take an all-wheel drive rent cars, such as jeeps. Because, as we already know, most of the territory of Kyrgyzstan is mountains, but in such areas the roads are of low quality, gravel and mud.

If we talk about entertainment, then in such tours with cars for rent in Kyrgyzstan, our guests engage in trekking, walking or horse riding. Travel with Kyrgyzstan rent a car option in the mountainous regions is another great chance to make acquaintance with the locals, nomads and enjoy their hospitality. You will spend the night in such a tour either in a yurt or in guesthouses. The choice depends on you, if you prefer comfort, then we offer you guesthouses, and if you want to feel the whole nomadic atmosphere, then take a yurt. You should take into account that the toilet in yurts is on the street, and showers are very rare.

If you contact our company, you will receive an unforgettable and comfortable tour with  rent cars in Kyrgyzstan.


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