As for the means of transportation, guests are able to take a tour along Kyrgyzstan and get to know of the facts concerning the way of wandering here. As you are going to have a route here, it is important to know of the idea of how to move here, especially of the railroad service. Here in Kyrgyzstan there is its own Kyrgyz Temir Joly, or Kyrgyz Railroad. But not from many countries it is possible to get to the state, as it is locked inside the mountains. That is why it is seen in limits of trips on rails.

That is why before the tour to be made or in the course of traveling here on cars for rent, we are able to give the details of a railroad connecting the north and the south. In this turn for getting to Issyk Kul there is no need to take a car for rent for example, but take a ticket on the train, and leave the capital of the country and arrive for Balykchy. After it, the road is going to Kazakhstan. In the past times the people were able to leave our country for Uzbekistan along the railroad from Osh and Jalal-Abad. Today it is impossible unfortunately.

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You are able to travel here but get to know the details on the website of Railroad Company, or tutu.ru. These websites give the idea of the timetable of when guests can get here. Taking tickets on train, it doesn't means to get somewhere in the shortest time, but trains give us a chance to choose the level of comfort. On getting to the country of ours, invitees can turn to managers for having the opportunity of renting a car for the journey to be going at the highest level.