Icing mounds

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In this article we will give short information about glaciers. Glaciers in Kyrgyzstan occupy 4.2% of the total territory. Their total area is 8047, 8 km2. In the mountain system of Kyrgyzstan we can meet all the classic forms of mountain glaciers. Glaciers location depends on many natural factors: the height of the mountains, the prevailing winds, precipitation. The main mass of ice is concentrated not on top but at the bottom of the deep intermountain basins. There are accumulated rainfall not only falls on the ice, but also brought from the slopes of the mountain avalanches and blizzards inflated. One of the main characteristics of the glaciers is the snow line, the so-called boundary of power. The lowest level of the snow line location in Kyrgyz Mountains at an altitude of 3200-3400 meters. Mountain glaciers have a unique ability to move. The speed of movement depends on their size, and other bed steepness factors. In an average, the glaciers are moving from a few dozen to several hundred meters per year.

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