Dungan mosque

On a tour to Kyrgyzstan, visitors can visit the Dungan Mosque and rent a car in areas of popular religious interest. Learning the history of the mosque is fascinating and worthwhile.

But it is real that the passengers on the plane left China on their last world tour in 1877. They founded a community when they arrived. The year 1907 is said to have been the moment that the architect Chjou Siy wanted to be accepted by these individuals. The mosque's materials and building began, with 20 more persons aiding and supporting it. It was then that a metal and boltless house was built.

Lately, tourists have preferred to rent a car to reach the mosque themselves. At the same time, the Bishkek car rental service offers the ability to experience the elegance of the building's colors on tours in Kyrgyzstan. In this turn, we're talking about the red hue, meaning security from bad powers, and the yellow hue, meaning prosperity at first, and the green is pleasure.

It was forbidden to believe in God in the days of the Soviet Union and to visit worship sites. In the 20th century, this is essentially evolving. The Muslims offered the refugees a fair amount of money at the beginning of the Second World War. And he was allowed by the government to visit the tours. Now, to enter Karakol and Dungan Mosque near Kyrgyzstan, you have to keep your car rental in mind.


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