Car Rent

Car rent in Kyrgyzstran, Kyrgyzstan tours.  


Toyota 4Runner
01 day - 110 $
03-06 days - 90 $
07-13 days - 80 $
14-29 days - 70 $
30 and more - 50 $


Toyota Sequoia
01 day - 120 $
03-06 days - 100 $
07-13 days - 90 $
14-29 days - 80 $
30 and more - 60 $


Lexus GX470
01 day - 140 $
03-06 days - 120 $
07-13 days - 110 $
14-29 days - 90 $
30 and more - 70 $


Lexus LX470  
01 day - 140 $
03-06 days - 120 $
07-13 days - 110 $
14-29 days - 90 $
30 and more - 70 $


Dear travelers! If you are tired of worn passes and want to try something new, we offer you an exciting tour to the countries of Central Asia! Our car rent company is engaged in auto renting business throughout three main countries of Central Asia - Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan! Visit these countries and you will gain unforgettable experience! The car rent organization we are representing gives you chance to choose self-driving tour and have a rest by heart and sole. It is known, that travelling in groups is very stressful, because some of the tourists may be very capricious and create a lot of problems both for themselves and for the rest of the group. But now you have a great solution for this problem! Our car rent company sets your wishes, preferences and needs in the first place and we are always ready to satisfy you. Therefore, we added a new option to our self-driving tours - self driving tour with a driver! So, if you say, that you want to view the landscape and do not want to drive the auto, we will provide you with a driver. Become our clients and you will enjoy the high-quality services, reasonable prices and the best cars for rent! By the way, we will provide you with all kinds of documentation, which prove that each auto has a regular technical checkup and are ready for difficult mountain passes. In addition, our car rent specialists from the main cities of Central Asia - the cities of Bishkek, Almaty and Dushanbe will inform you about all peculiarities of travelling in Central Asia. You will be informed about the reliable shops and markets, restaurants and cafes, hotels and guest-houses. Each auto has GPS, so you will never get lost and be always able to find necessary hostel or petrol station. Consider our cars for rent to be movable strongholds, where you can feel safe and sound despite all difficulties! Choose our auto rent organization and travel around Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan without any difficulties! Your journey will start and end in the largest cities of above-stated countries - the city of Bishkek, the city of Almaty and the city of Dushanbe. You will be able to take and return cars for rent precisely in these cities.

We are able to provide different types of transport for car rent in Kyrgyzstan.

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If you wish to visit the wilder areas of Suusamyr valley, Tash Rabat, Son Kul Lake, the petroglyphs at Saymaluutash or travel the Naryn to Jalal Abad road, you will need to negotiate a deal with car rental agency.

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Contact our Rental Office in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan if you need delivery of the rental car at the airport and driver will drop you a car off for free.

As soon as you receive the keys of a car rent from us you can realize your dream of travelling around Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, visiting all the interesting places and having the most unforgettable impressions.