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Day 1: Baku
Having the tour taken to Azerbaijan, guests arrive first at the airport of Baku. Baku is the capital of the country, located on the Caspian Sea with many striking sightseeing here. That is why we have prepared the excursion organized along various destinations. Such destinations are known to be of various belonging, to modern and ancient parts of being. That is why as the city journey is made along the center of Baku, we get to the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center. This center was created by a talanted architect Zaha Hadid, who was trying to create the originality of lines and light playing on the buildings. At the same time though being the modern one, it takes the idea of historical ideas, with the exhibitions held there. We are glad to offer the walking along the territory of the center, covered with pure greenery. At night guests have a walk along the city and then get to the local hotel.


Day 2: Baku
Invitees have breakfast in the hotel and start the tour along the "Old Town", with the first location being presented with the Icheri Sheher. This is the local area of residential meaning, based at the center of the fort. Moreover, this is the olden parts of the city, with lots of historical sites to be witnessed here, like the Market Square, Juma Mosque, Synyk Gala Castle, Caravanserais, baths, Maiden Tower of the XII century, residential buildings and the Palace of Shirvan Shakhov of the XV century. But then guests are recommended getting to the Workshop of Ali Shamsi, with then viewing other striking destinations many of which being the UNESCO historical heritage. So then have lunch and arrive for the city Baku, where night is taken in the hotel.


Day 3: Baku - Gobustan - Baku
The first site of today is the Bibi-Heybat complex. It is a well-known site of Azerbaijan, where the mosque, graves and tombs are located. Among all of these tombs, there is a grave of the very famous person, the descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, the Ukeima khanum. Little later, the"Gobustan Reserve of rock carvings" is visited, where 6,000 rocks are shown. Most of the rocks are 30,000 years old. Having the continuation of the outing, invitees cover 10km for the active volcanoes of Absheron. Having seen the beauties of the volcanoes we get to the Carpet Museum on the route to Baku. The museum holds 10,000 items, like ceramics, metal and bronze jewelry, metal items of the 14th century, carpets and rugs of the 17th-20th centuries, gold and silver jewelry, national clothing and embroidery. Night today is planned being taken in the hotel.

Day 4: Baku - Lankaran (Girkansky reserve) - Baku
Dear sightseers, we are happy to organize the excursion along the Hirkan Nature Reserve, being the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO one. Moreover, the idea of the reserve is seen in the unique climate, where there is a changing zone, to dry subtropics. Being in the trip here, please notice the richness of flora and fauna. The first is known to be presented with 1900 species of boxwood, ironwood, velvet maple, giant figs, silk acacia. But 160 ones grow in the Talysh mountains. Fauna is also fascinating and can be seen with leopard, the Caucasian lynx, the stone marten, the porcupine, the Talysh spotted woodpecker, the Iranian robin, the Persian snake. Lunch is offered and we get to the scenic restaurant for it. Today upon the wish of the guests, it is possible to order the folklore and dance ensemble Nyanyalar (Grandmothers), for paying additionally. Night is taken in the hotel of Baku.

Day 5: Baku - Shemakha - Gabala - Sheki
The heading tour to Shamakha is made after breakfast in Baku. It is known to be reached with various stops at fascinating and charming destinations, like at the vertical wall of Sheikh Diri Baba's rock-cut mausoleum. The mausoleum is known to be based at the Maraza village. According to the look of the building, it can be seen as of imagery of geometric shapes. After it guests get to the Juma Mosque and Gabala then. This is known to be the basement of the Nij village, where the Albanian church is placed. The church is known to be the territory of the Udins living side. At the same time it is known to be the unity of the people from 26 Albanian tribes, creating the Albanian state (III century BC - VII century AD). Lunch and wine tasting is offered in the Aspi Winery, after which we get to Sheki, as hotel is reserved there, with the local restaurant taken for dinner as well. By the way, dinner is going to be made with the national Mugam music.

Day 6: Sheki - Baku
Sheki is left today and the viewing of all the attractive locations are going to be seen, with the tour in Azerbaijan at the heights of 700m. The territory is presented with the mountains and oak trees. All at once, the Shebeke workshop is visited and here the idea of cooking of Sheki Halva is given to foreigners. Later invitees are going to call the Caucasian village of Kish. Concerning the village, it used to be the capital of the local khanate of the past times. Here the streets are paved with the buildings made of stone. You have lunch and later drive for the Sheki Ipek Silk Mill, where the pride of the country can be met, the kelagai. It is the headscarf made of silk especially for women. Moreover, it is of the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Night is spent in the hotel.

Day 7: Baku - Absheron Peninsula - Baku
The other unforgettable site to be seen in the course of the trip is the Historical and Archaeological Museum. The museum is known to be placed in the Gala village, being the ancient one, of the Bronze Age. This is presented as the museum under the open air, created as the archeological destination being close to the fort of the 5th century. Going on the Ateshgah Temple of Fire Worshipers is visited and then we arrive for this always flaming fire. Next, Yanardag - Burning Mountain is taken into account and we get for the hotel of Baku for night.

Day 8: Baku - Airport
Breakfast in a hotel. Landing field transfer.

Price per person:
02 pax - 1 215 $
04 pax - 885 $
06 pax - 755 $
08 pax - 725 $
10 pax - 680 $
Single - 140 $

- Guide
- Transport
- Full board
- Accommodation:
            Baku - "Atropat"/ "Modern Hotel"/ "Parkway Inn" Hotel 4*
            Sheki - "Issam Hotel & Spa" Hotel 4*
- Entrance fees to museums
- Drinking water (0.5 liters) per day per person
Not included:
- Visa
- Flights
- Single room
- Medical insurance
- Photo and video charges in museums and monuments