About us

Make your Silk Road Dreams come true! Our company is specialized in organizing exclusive tours in Uzbekistan and other countries in Central Asia. We have collected a team of professionals who know the country in depth can work out correct logistics and design a dream tour.

Uzbekistan is opening its doors to thousands of tourists annually and due to a high competition, tourism is developing fast. However, it is still a country that is unknown to many parts of the world. We advise to take this chance and explore this wonderful country, learn its great history and enjoy medieval architecture.

For our tours in Uzbekistan we hire dedicated and enthusiastic escort and local guides, with a big knowledge and skills to lead groups. Our drivers know all parts of the country and will provide safe and comfortable drives from sites to sites, from cities to cities. We choose the best and safe restaurants to allow to taste the most delicious and native Uzbek food. We will help to buy train tickets, domestic flights and entrance fees to monuments to make your travelling as much relaxing as possible.

Besides tours in Uzbekistan, we offer you to extend them to Kyrgyzstan to explore Tien Shan mountains and get acquainted with nomadic culture, to Tajikistan to meet Wakhi people who lived isolated life for a long time in Pamir Mountains and Kazakhstan, to see the vast steppes and beautiful national parks with the help of "Travel Experts".

Our company has an experience of organizing big group tours as well as custom-made individual tours. Despite of this, we make sure each client leaves Uzbekistan happy and wanting to come back or at least try another country with us. We wish you a quick and smooth planning of your travel and wonderful trip in Uzbekistan and beyond!